NASEO Webinar: Transportation Electrification: State-Level Roles and Collaboration among State Energy Offices, Public Utility Commissions, and State Departments of Transportation

June 15, 2023, 4:00 - 5:00 PM ET
Webinar/Virtual Meeting

States across the country have set ambitious electric vehicle (EV) adoption goals and are working to establish policies and programs to support transportation electrification. State Energy Offices, Public Utility Commissions (PUCs), and Departments of Transportation (DOTs), as well as State Environmental Agencies, Consumer Advocates, and other important state-level partners each have a unique and vital role to support EV rollout. Frequently, these agencies have been worked together to coordinate EV infrastructure planning and design incentive programs, as well as launch ambitious policy and regulatory frameworks in the EV space. On this webinar, representatives from State Energy Offices, PUCs, and DOTs will talk about their respective EV-related roles and responsibilities, and how they are working together to support their state’s transportation electrification policy and program rollout. Representatives from NARUC, NASEO, and AASHTO will also share highlights from the recently released  Mini Guide on Transportation Electrification: State-Level Roles and Collaboration among Public Utility Commissions, State Energy Offices, and Departments of Transportation, and facilitate a discussion on cross-agency collaboration between state participants. You can register for the webinar here. Please contact Delaney Dixon at with questions.