NASEO tracks and engages in Congressional and Federal Executive Branch energy policy development and actions on behalf of the State Energy Offices. This work is conducted through NASEO's Government Affairs Committee and NASEO’s Board of Directors. NASEO also assists states by informing their development and implementation of effective and innovative energy policies.


Kelley Smith Burk

Committee Co-Chair and Chair of NASEO, Florida

Andrew McAllister

Committee Co-Chair, California

Patrick Woodcock

Committee Co-Chair, Massachusetts

Committee Members

  • Will Toor (CO)

  • Victoria Hackett (CT)

  • Taresa Lawrence (DC)

  • Scott Glenn (HI)

  • Jason Lanclos (LA)

  • Robert Jackson (MI)

  • Michelle Gransee (MN)

  • Molly Cripps (TN)

  • Adam Berry (CO)


  • NASEO Policy 
    NASEO engages in Congressional and Executive energy policy and assists the State Energy Offices in developing and implementing effective and innovative state energy policies.
  • U.S. State Energy Program
    One of NASEO's main priorities is encouraging Congressional and Administration support for the U.S. State Energy Program funding from the U.S. Department of Energy.