Wisconsin Office of Energy Innovation Awards Grants to Study Critical Infrastructure Microgrids and Community Resilience Centers

Source: RL Martin

On September 17, 2021, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) Office of Energy Innovation (OEI) announced $915,265 in grant awards to study Critical Infrastructure Microgrids and Community Resilience Centers (CIMCRC) across the state. The CIMCRC program was established earlier this year and focuses on critical infrastructure microgrids and resilient building strategies, and projects are supported with U.S. State Energy Program funds. The grants were awarded to 15 recipients from tribal governments, utilities, the University of Wisconsin system, municipalities, and nonprofit groups. Awardees will match the state award with $611,438 of their own funds, and will utilize the funding for resilience planning and pre-disaster mitigation projects, especially looking at deploying renewable energy, energy storage, and grid-interactive controls at critical facilities. Click here for an interactive map of all the funded applications and more information.

"Supporting efforts to develop energy security and resiliency strategies for Wisconsin communities are essential to protect residents, businesses, and critical services from severe weather events and other grid interruptions," said PSC Chairperson Rebecca Cameron Valcq. "I am hopeful that these feasibility studies will stimulate local leaders across the state to learn from other communities and further develop Wisconsin's knowledge and planning in the area of Critical Infrastructure and Community Resilience Centers."

NASEO’s Microgrid State Working Group provided vital support and technical assistance to the OEI team to get the CIMCRC program off the ground and continues to share resources and facilitate discussion between State Energy Offices and Public Utility Commissions. 

For more information on the awards and CIMCRC, review the press release here.