Maryland Energy Administration Debuts Ambitious Program to Help Public Schools Reduce Carbon Emissions

Source: NASEO

The Maryland Energy Administration has introduced the Decarbonizing Public Schools Program, a comprehensive initiative aimed at assisting K-12 public schools in the state to decrease and ultimately eliminate carbon emissions. The program will allocate capital to local education agencies, supporting the integration of various clean energy and energy efficiency measures into Maryland's public schools. With a focus on capacity building, infrastructure upgrades, renewable energy adoption, and sustainable construction methods, the program encourages the development of net-zero energy schools that generate as much renewable energy as they consume. Maryland's commitment to sustainable energy is exemplified through this program, which seeks to create energy-efficient learning environments and serve as a model for renewable energy technologies. The initiative, funded at approximately $24 million for Fiscal Year 2024, encourages local education agencies to apply for grants by March 15, 2024, to implement state-of-the-art, net-zero energy campuses and advance environmental and educational goals simultaneously.